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At this age I called myself 'Oni
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My name is Roni. I'm a single man with a single eyebrow. (Yes, they merged... So don't bother asking me "What happened to you?" after you see my other pictures).
The purpose of this site is

  1. to give some people a chance to get to know me better (the people that fall into this catagory are mostly my parents)
  2. to make you laugh (later on i'm planning to add some laughter sounds at different points so you know at what point to laugh)
  3. to make you cry (this is optional. If you want to avoid this don't look at any of my pictures)
  4. to educate you a little about some famous dead people like Einstein, Newton, Franklin, Kafka, Freud, ...
  5. and most importantly, and I assume that's why you came here in the first place, the purpose of this site is to teach you how to make pasta... not just any pasta you get at your typical five star Italian restaurant, but great, homemade pasta...

At this point you are probably asking yourself "what makes this guy think he can make such great pasta?"
Which brings us to my qualifications:
I'm in the internet/software business. I'm 5'11". I weigh 165 pounds. I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, and sometimes when I'm home alone, I practice safe sex. I'm relatively smart. Electricity, for example, was discovered by Ben Franklin, right? Well, I too have discovered it. The moment I walked into my house, I said "Hey! There's electricity here!?". (This was a big discovery, you see... the first thing most people that come to my house say, as they stumble through the door, is "Aaaaaahhh... is there electricity in this place?") I may have been more surprised at the discovery than Ben, but don't forget Ben used a kite and I didn't.
I also think that if Issac Newton had not discovered that apples fall from trees, I would have.
Now, if you noticed at the beginning of this paragraph I used the word "relatively" in a pretty intelligent way that clearly indicates that I'm familiar with Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity. (This just about covers the education portion of this site (purpose # 4).

I could have just as easily said that I'm good looking or something to that affect but then I would have to remove all my pictures from this site, and then every Alice who comes to visit my site would get bored, "for what good is a web site with no pictures and dialogs?" (paraphrasing but it's from Alice in Wonderland)

The Details:

This section (next page) contains all the questions you would ever want to ask me, as well as some answers to some of these questions. Also it contains "thumbnails" of more photographs that I've taken, or that were taken of me. Feel free to click on any of them to see the bigger picture. But for this you have to flip the page.

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